- Developer at IDEN3.
- Giveth security advisor.
- Lecturer on secure smartcontract development at UPC U.
- AragonOS/MakerDAO smartcontracts WHG team reviewer
- Smartcontract reviews for Status, Streamr, STOX, Sharpe Capital, OilCoin, Dragoneremum, FortKnoxter, Lamden, ZeroCarbonProject, ZMine, ZeusShieldCoin and others


- Security design of an IoT smart lock.
- Architecture & dev of CC EAL4+ Virtual smartcard for Qualified signatures.
- Development of cryptographic key management middleware on embeddable microcontrollers and cryptographic drivers (win/linux).
- Secure mobile bank transaction authorization App.
- Technical product design for a Forensics-readiness tool.
- Dev & design of security-as-a-service middleware for AdES qualified s-signatures.
- Dev & PKI operations design for webtrust CA.
- Dev for Enterprise Single Sign On solution.
- Dev for EAL4+ PKI crypto suite.

C/C++/Go/Rust writer & Ukelele player

adria (at) codecontext.io